Heart Arrhythmias

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What is a heart arrhythmia?

Heart Arrhythmias

A heart arrhythmia is when the heart beats at an abnormal rhythm or pace. Some arrhythmia's can be normal while others can cause severe side effects.

Most people have felt their own heart's miss a beat or feel like it took an extra beat. Those are considered normal arrhythmia's that occur occasionally.

Many people with healthy hearts should not have an arrhythmia that is troublesome. However, outside forces may trigger an arrhythmia. Things such as drugs or an electric shock may lead to an arrhythmia.

If someone has an already weakened heart, a heart arrhythmia can be fatal. An arrhythmia occurs when the heart's electrical system isn't working correctly and beats either too slow or too fast. These arrhythmia's can develop in either the atria or the ventricles.

The symptoms of a heart arrhythmia can be any of the following:

-Fluttering in the chest
-Fast heartbeat
-Slow heartbeat
-Chest pain
-Trouble catching your breath
-Feeling lightheaded
-Feeling dizzy
-Fainting or feeling like you may faint.

These symptoms do not necessarily mean there is a serious problem with your heart. However, if you experience any of the symptoms it is best to see a physician.



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