Race and Heart Disease Risk

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Why are people of a certain race at risk for heart disease?

Race and Heart Disease Risk

Children born to parents of certain races also find themselves at increased risk for heart disease. African Americans often have higher blood pressure compared to other races.

This high blood pressure often results in heart disease. African Americans also have a high rate of CAD, stroke and heart failure.

Heart disease is also more common in Mexican Americans, American Indians, some Asian Americans, and those native to Hawaii. One of the reasons for increased chances of heart disease in these races is due to a higher number of obese people and diabetes within them.

It is estimated that more than 25 percent of the Mexican American population has some form of heart disease. Native Americans at one time had a very low occurance of heart disease, however at this time, it is the leading cause of death in this group.

Many people are surprised to learn that being a certain race increases the risk of heart disease. Some of the above groups are more at risk than others; while some respond poorly to certain treatments and others respond well.



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