Risk Factor Screening

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How can risk factor screening help prevent heart disease?

Risk Factor Screening

The American Heart Association believes that every adult should know his or her risk factors for heart disease. This means adults should consult with their physicians for appropriate heart disease screenings.

Screening for heart disease can detect any signs of heart disease that may otherwise go unnoticed. If anything is detected, doctors and patients can work together in order to take the appropriate measures to prevent heart disease from fully developing. The following screenings need to be done by your doctor:

-Adults at the age of 20 should have a risk factor assessment done by their physician.

-Family history of heart disease should be updated regularly for physicians.

-Doctor's should assess smoking and alcohol consumption and how much exercise a person gets at every routine physical.

-Blood pressure and BMI (body mass index)should be checked annually by a physician.

-Someone at risk for heart disease needs their cholesterol checked every two years. Those not at risk need it checked every five years.

Adults need to be their own advocate. If your physician has not done any type of risk factor screening for heart disease with you, please urge them to do so. It could save your life!



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