Heart Disease Diet and Recipe Books

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What are some recommended diet and recipe books for those with heart disease?

Heart Disease Diet and Recipe Books

There are several diets and recipe books geared towards a person with heart disease. The following are just a few that come highly recommended.

Eat Your Way To A Healthy Heart by Liz Applegate Ph.D.: One of the most recognized nutritional experts in the country offers a practical plan to help control high blood pressure and perhaps reverse heart disease. This book includes easy-to-follow recipes and shopping lists.

The American Heart Association 6 Weeks To Cut Out The Fat: This pocket size book comes equipped with a six-week program that shows how to cut the fat from your diet and gradually substitute healthier foods for food that are fatty. The book also discusses how to record each of your meals and cut the fat used to cook and bake.

The American Heart Association 365 Ways To Get Out The Fat: Another great book by the American Heart Association. This book is filled with ideas on how to keep fat and cholesterol under control when cooking and eating.

Dr. Dean Ornish's Program For Reversing Heart Disease: Dr. Ornish is a critically acclaimed doctor with a scientifically proven heart care program. In this book he will teach you about low-fat foods, exercise, and stress-reduction techniques.

The American Heart Association One-Dish Meals: This recipe book consists of over 200 one dish meals that are heart healthy and delicious! The book is separated into categories for easy reading and all the meals are quick and made in one dish!



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