General Diet and Nutrition Information

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What should people eat for a heart healthy diet?

General Diet and Nutrition Information

People battling heart disease, or those just wanting to get healthy and stay healthy need to maintain a healthy diet to do so.

A diet that is considered heart healthy is a diet that consists of limited amounts of processed foods and more fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. The fresher the food, the better for you!

When reading food labels, many experts caution against buying foods in which you can't recognize at least some of the original food on the label, if you can't recognize the original food, then the food has been processed.

The American Heart Association recommends eating a diet that is rich in fiber and whole grains. It also suggests that people lower their sodium intake and cut out unnecessary fats or oils.

By eating a diet similar to this, people can lower their blood pressure and cholesterol. This helps keep the heart healthier and reduces your risk of heart disease.

Many people run the risk of developing heart disease. Many people already have it. One great way to either prevent or reduce your risk of heart disease is to watch what you eat. As it ends up, you really are what you eat!



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