Men and Heart Disease Statistics

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How many men died of heart disease in 2002?

Men and Heart Disease Statistics

While heart disease is the number one killer of women, men are equally affected.

-In 2002, over 340,000 men died from heart disease.

-Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men.

-A man's average age for a first heart attack is 66 years old.

-Between 70 percent and 89 percent of sudden cardiac incidents occur in men.

-50 percent of men who have a heart attack before the age of 65 die within eight years.

-Men suffer heart attacks on average, ten years earlier than women.

-50 percent of men who have died from a heart attack exhibited no previous symptoms.

-Men who are clinically depressed have a higher risk of heart disease and heart attack then men who are not depressed.



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