Congestive Heart Failure

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What is congestive heart failure?

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is another type of heart disease. It is, simply put, when a persons heart fails. It is the most common reason for the elderly to be hospitalized.

Congestive heart failure often is a result of another type of heart condition. It occurs when the heart is not able to pump out enough blood from its chambers to meet the body's needs.

Congestive heart failure can also occur when a persons heart chambers become stiff, which doesn't allow the heart to relax and thus fill with blood.

There are several symptoms to congestive heart failure. The symptoms are determined by which side of the heart may be failing. Often, the symptoms of congestive heart failure are from the congestion that occurs when fluid backs up into the lungs and pushes into the surrounding tissues.

Symptoms of heart failure on the left side of the heart may be as follows: tiredness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing; especially when sleeping, wheezing, and weight loss.

Symptoms of heart failure on the right side of the heart may result in the following: tiredness, fluid in the feet, legs and abdomen, enlargement of the liver, and weight gain that is unintentional due to water retention.

A doctor should be contacted immediately when a person has any of the above symptoms.



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