Heredity and Heart Disease Risk

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Why does heredity put a person at risk of heart disease?

Heredity and Heart Disease Risk

Heredity is one cause of heart disease that someone cannot change. Many times heart disease is genetic and passed on from parent to child.

Children who have parents that have heart disease are more likely to develop heart disease themselves. Many times when heart disease is prevalent in families, it is also compounded with other risk factors.

It is always important for a family with a high risk factor of heart disease to treat and control any risk factors that may present themselves. Seeing a doctor regularly for check-ups and heart checks is important in helping to control any heart disease that runs in families.

The more a person knows about the heart disease that may run in their family, the more a person can do to help minimize the risks of developing it.

Obviously, doctors cannot do anything about what is in someone's genes, but the more information a person can share with his or her doctor about a hereditary heart disease, the more a doctor can do more to develop strategies that may help that person in the future.



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