Gender and Heart Disease Risk

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Who is at more risk for heart disease? Men or women?

Gender and Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease is not a picky disease. It can affect anyone, anywhere. However, there are those who more at risk due to their gender and age.

Heart disease was considered a male-dominated disease for many years, because men tend to die earlier from it than women. Men still are more at risk for heart disease, but women's risk for heart disease seem to be catching up with the men, just at a different age.

Men tend to have a higher risk for heart disease between the ages of 50 to 60. More men are diagnosed with heart disease at this age. However, women are being diagnosed more often between the ages of 65 to 70 years, thus resulting in almost a tie between the number of women and men who have heart disease.

The big difference is not the number of men and women who are susceptible to heart disease. The big difference is the age at when most develop the condition.

It is believed that women do not develop heart disease as early as men due to the estrogen a woman develops. This estrogen helps protect a woman's body against certain factors that cause heart disease to develop.

When menopause occurs, the estrogen level is eliminated and the risk for heart disease heightens.

Both men and women of any age can make lifestyle changes that will lessen their chances of devloping heart disease.



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